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Arnold Holzer (Europe, Austria)

Eschenhof Holzer : Arnold and his bed of Loess

The Eschenhof Holzer estate is located in Großriedenthal, in the wine region of Wagram, near the city of Vienna, Austria. Spanning 16 hectares of vineyards, it is one of the oldest vineyards in the region, with archives dating back to the Middle Ages. It has been led since 2010 by Arnold Holzer, the 5th generation of winemakers in the Holzer family.

From a young age, Arnold helped in the cellar and became acquainted with the knowledge passed down through viticulture. He took over the family estate at the age of 22 and has since shaped the future of the estate with his open-mindedness, great respect for nature, infinite creativity, and originality. He knows how to draw from the natural richness of his native region and uses this potential to develop his distinctive wine creations and elevate the style of the wines to another level.

The Wagram region is comprised of several elements favorable to grape cultivation: the proximity of the Danube River, considerable temperature variations between day and night, and the predominant presence of loess. Loess, a very fine limestone silt deposited by the wind, is a type of soil that creates natural conditions for the production of complex and rich wines. These soils have been defined in several layers during the last glacial period and have covered the subsoils of marine deposits and alluvial gravels, shaping the landscape. In fact, Wagram comes from the word “Wogenrain,” which roughly means “seashore.”

Due to its precious mineral composition, loess soils create a balanced deposit of nutrients. Thanks to its granular texture and high capillarity, loess soil is able to retain water and thus continuously provide enough water to the deep roots of the vines in a Pannonian climate with low rainfall. The wines that thrive in the region are distinguished by a particularly typical, persistent, and delicate fruitiness.

The Grüner Veltliner is the most widely cultivated grape variety in this region. It results in rich and spicy wines that combine substance, pleasure, and freshness. Also found in the region is the Roter Veltliner, a rare varietal specialty almost exclusively found in the Wagram region, which produces elegant and distinctive white wines, particularly suitable for aging.

It is on these two grape varieties that Arnold Holzer has decided to focus, while also having fun creating other cuvées from other indigenous (or non-indigenous) grape varieties of the region such as Blauer Zweigelt, Fruhroter Veltliner, Muller Thurgau, Riesling, and Sauvignon Blanc.

As a determined winemaker, Arnold knows that the success of the business lies in the interplay of quality, innovation, and organization. That’s why he is present at every stage of wine production, from the vineyard to the cellar. He also takes care of the economic and marketing aspects, always closely assisted by his partner Anna.

Adhering to environmentally friendly and consumer-friendly quality standards, each cuvée is produced from parcel selections, with gentle pressing, slightly controlled fermentations, and rapid clarifications. The entire vineyard is cultivated under organic farming standards and is currently awaiting accreditation.

The result is unique wines, natural and imbued with the typicity of the grapes, their terroir, and the creativity of this young winemaker with a growing reputation and a more than promising future.

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