It’s very exciting to work with BMT. Manfred and his team have a deep understanding of the Quebec market and how the SAQ operates. We have launched various projects together to promote Italian wines, and I love the energy and approach of the entire team.

BMT is a proactive agency: Manfred knows how to communicate effectively with the SAQ and is always ready to seize new opportunities.

What really sets BMT apart is their dynamism; Most agents tend to show suppliers the limitations of working with a monopoly, while BMT sees the opportunities that such a market offers and provides suppliers with the best suggestions for success. Another added value is their dedication; sometimes I send an email to Manfred at 9:00 in the morning, and he responds after 10 minutes… so often I wonder if this guy sleeps or just works… (laughs) It’s a great feeling to have such a partner managing your interests in such an important market. I’ve been lucky to meet BMT…

Alessandro Costantini - AC Wines (Italy, Sicily)

Tenute Orestiadi was born in 2008, in the heart of the Belìce Valley, in Gibellina, Sicily, where Mediterranean scents and colors blend with myth and art. By transforming the difficult ascent into energy after a historically and economically complex moment, the earthquake of 1968, the whole area became a cultural and dialogue hub for the Mediterranean region. In 2018, they began a collaboration with the La Gelsomina estate, located on Mount Etna, on the west coast of the region, in order to highlight the different terroirs of this wine-growing region. A journey through completely different terroirs, with rich and varied characteristics, that tell the story of the Sicilian sun and gentle breezes, with a common denominator: the ability to enhance indigenous varieties.